If your wife catches you using me would you stop? [f] Amateur Ass

If your spouse catches you using me would you stop? [f]

Newbie Asses If your spouse catches you applying me would you quit? [f] Bluehut6
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  1. Successful_While4451

    I would continue until i came inside you

  2. Simple-Advice-632

    No. I’d look at her and unload in your ass. Then probably drop a load in that throat too after.

  3. joemaye13

    No way… let’s finish up first no ?

  4. MeganandHarryFun

    Ask her to join in!

  5. BigSexy162

    Not until I came

  6. Market_Timer1

    Probably not

  7. Klown12

    I’d tell her it’s not me while still pumping.

  8. secretkept99

    Sexy 🍑 and phat pussy 😋🤤😍

  9. BigFeet2019

    I’m too good to get caught

  10. workingfire12

    I’d have to stop because she would murder me right there

  11. PaintingSoft3491

    Nope, stopping isn’t going to suddenly make it as if it didn’t happen, and also I am no quitter

  12. Sensitive_Parsley499


  13. IntentionHot

    No, but I would have to do it somewhere else

  14. Monty22337


  15. grandmaster9

    No I would make you lick her pussy, while taking you from behind

  16. Latinopatchy

    I finish what I started

  17. jbsncs


  18. DomTheSuber

    Wouldn’t fuck if I had one.

  19. JustSteve-

    Maybe, just to find out who tf is claiming to be my wife lol
    Don’t mind an audience though 🤷‍♂️

  20. FabulousLand4274

    No. She might join.

  21. ResponsibilityLazy86


  22. TexasBull008

    I would make sure we got caught so she knows what a real woman sounds like😍

  23. mygoldentongue

    Sorry I started without you…get naked, she wants to eat your pussy….

  24. AdLess836


  25. NeighborhoodWatch69

    I would just fuck you harder, for ruining my marriage

  26. HersheyMan963

    You certainly posted this in the right group. Your ass is asstastic. Wow. So big and round and ready. Yummy.

  27. orange-fila-a

    Top notch shitbox

  28. TechnicalMacaron3616

    I don’t think she’d ever have the time to catch me buahaha

  29. Library-Complete

    I would never stop unless I was bleeding out from being stabbed.

  30. Sea_Introduction_517

    Nope!!!! Because she is waiting to eat my cream from your pussy.

  31. lemon_pledge_to_you

    No? If I’m fucking, I’m cumming

  32. Sakanoywe72


  33. Big_Big_203


  34. Pichir1

    Fuck no

  35. ScaleRight1179

    No I wouldn’t stop, he would likely start licking your asshole while I continue fucking 👅👅

  36. ScaleRight1179

    No I wouldn’t stop, he would likely start licking your asshole while I continue fucking 👅👅

  37. Whyishehere

    I’d look her in the eyes as I’m finishing…and then continue to fuck you even harder afterwards 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  38. Direct_Mushroom6351


  39. peyotecookyycx

    Nope I’d invite her to get you to eat her out while I destroy your fuck holes.

  40. Massive_Bat_1941

    Those fingerprints

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