You wake up to this. What happens next? [f]42 Amateur Ass

You wake up to this. What takes place upcoming? [f]42

Newbie Asses You wake up to this. What takes place following? [f]42 Ms_Honey_Jo_Clark
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  1. Due-Significance-900

    I spread those cheeks then spend half an hour licking and tongue fucking that beautiful ass hole

  2. [deleted]

    I would bend you over and make you take every inch of my thick bbc with my wife watching

  3. somedude116

    I’m fucking your asshole

  4. LasagneLad777

    I’m doing your arse b4 f…ing you hard!

  5. SupermarketOne706

    My tongue will meet her ass hole

  6. [deleted]

    Kissing those beautiful cheeks before making my way between those legs😈

  7. [deleted]


  8. straitj

    My morning wood be filling you.

  9. hubbysux

    I then know what’s for breakfast.

  10. BellaChristineForYou

    Your ass is amazing. I am #jealous

  11. ShawnB717

    My tongue is exploring

  12. matt19882022

    Breakfast 🤤 x

  13. Any_Philosophy_5956

    eat you out then I would fuck your tight ass

  14. PTAnMd

    We would spoon with my big dick resting on your ass and growing hard. The next move is yours

  15. GoldenGoose92

    I kiss your top cheek, softly cover you with a blanket, and go back to sleep.

  16. Ronamyth

    It gets glazed

  17. Macho_Joe

    I would slowly rub that sexy ass of yours. Then slide those panties over and slowly start to fuck you.

  18. Adm_Ozzel

    I do my level best to creep silently away. That exquisite work of art is perhaps 1/3 of my wife’s ass. I am in the wrong bed!

  19. Crafty_Ad5415

    Hot ass at 42

  20. sticky_gooey

    I need to pee

  21. SubstantialPride2309

    You get pounded till you scream

  22. Ok_Strength_6980

    I plant my face in there and enjoy my breakfast

  23. Mundane-Set-206

    Caress you…plant some kisses starting from your neck and shoulders and work my way down….yummy

  24. Countryboy_1175

    You get woke up getting your holes eaten.

  25. PorkChopper5150

    Bury my face in your beautiful, perfect ass! Fuck !!! 😍😍😍

  26. DTF44FIRE

    I eat that pussy and ass

  27. was_imposta

    Probably fall off the bed cuz I’m so far down

  28. vman1954

    I’m waking you up

  29. lovesredheads_

    A loud clap can be heard throughout the neighbourhood

  30. BoredNHardinBC

    I bury my fucking tongue between those cheeks like a good boy should.

  31. Phoenixfire8805

    Whisper if I have consent to eat and then slide myself inside you

  32. joemaye13

    Pull off those panties of course

  33. Steffiiirose

    Cute 🥰

  34. Effective-Patience69

    Somebody’s getting Pregos!!!

  35. XAslandX01

    I call off work. Lock the doors and stay in bed all day

  36. mickeypark

    Pull that thong aside and bury my tongue in your beautiful Ass 👅👅👅💦💦💦😎

  37. MasterThomas92

    Eating it for breakfast baby

  38. JackRyan87420

    I’m gunna bury my face in till you can handle it anymore!

  39. Somosmalo138

    She farts 🍑💨

  40. EmbarrassedPatent

    I’ll have to place my morning wood in there and see what happens

  41. turkeybacondaddy

    What happens next is I start kissing your back as you pull away from me. I try again and you ask me to stop because you’re tired and didn’t sleep well. You push me away with your hand as you start to get up from bed and tell me we have to get going because there’s a lot to do today. THAT is what happens next. Anything other is just wishful thinking.

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