When a guy says “sit on my face” do they actually mean it or is that just a figure of speech? [f] Amateur Ass

When a male states “sit on my face” do they really signify it or is that just a determine of speech? [f]

Novice Asses When a male claims “sit on my face” do they essentially indicate it or is that just a determine of speech? [f] irisgw
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  1. WIIiiiWILL

    Why would we say something like that if we didn’t mean it 😋 and I would really love to have my face between your beautiful cheeks 🤗

  2. Historical-Bag-6504

    If I say it I mean it

  3. Historical-Bag-6504

    And u qualify

  4. SteveFux

    “Homeboy got snailed”

  5. hdriderdude9718

    Seriously….cum sit on my face 🤤

  6. hello-im-horny

    literally, just sit. on. my. face.

  7. Joeel88

    I mean it

  8. IAmDomesticatedDad

    I want you to sit on it, smash it, and grind on it. My face isn’t some delicate setee, it’s a god damn saddle, and you’re riding it to stop that runaway train from going over a cliff. 🤠🐎🏇🪑💺

  9. kamehaze

    No we mean it

  10. tinyhubby1

    Oh, be sure we mean it. For as long as You want.

  11. InsatiableBull008

    I mean it. Sit on my face. Please and thanks.

  12. Ellig0929

    It’s a figure of speech. But put that ass real close.

  13. whoknows4629

    No I mean it sit on my face grab my hair and fucking ride my tongue like it’s a dick and don’t stop until you can’t cum anymore!!

  14. Ale_Drinker_666

    I can’t speak for all dudes but I mean what I say. Now sit on my face. 👅😛

  15. Scat_slave

    I mean it have a seat

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